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Six months to go. 

Today marks exactly six months until Hillary is inaugurated as the 45 President of the United States. This is one day after Donald Trump is officially crowned as the Republican nominee……..

MP’s Solution To Spending.

MP’s in Ottawa are meeting to see how they can make their spending more transparent. The meetings are being held behind closed doors. They hope at some point in the future to come up with some kind of a plan.

Here’s an idea, all spendings need to go through, and be approved by, the Auditor General’s office. There. I fixed it for you. You’re welcome…….

Syria II

So Assad has vowed he did not use chemical weapons against his people. Not that he has a lot of credibility. However, it seems that some of the “rebels” are Al Qaida. So, here’s a thought, in the same methodology as suicide bombers are employed by terrorists, perhaps some of the rebels actually “gassed” themselves, in an attempt to frame Assad. Sounds hard to believe doesn’t it, but, if Al Qaida’s goal is to gain control of Syria, I would it not put it past them. The States are being played for fools, setting themselves up to walk into a wall of glass. Then, we are through the looking-glass, and who knows what will happen. Events could easily spin out of control. Somewhere, someone is laughing.


Saw a sign which read “tried to find camouflage gear. Couldn’t find any.”

Presidential Address.

Ironic. Once a President took to the airways to save the world from missiles and prevent a world war. Now one takes to the airwaves in order to launch them and possibly start one……

@ABC: Just In: President Obama will address the nation on Tuesday to push for support on #Syria


U.S. President Barak Obama says the credibility of the international community is on the line if they fail to act on Syria.

No, just his……

As horrible and inhumane as things are in Syria, people have been killing each other in the middle east since the days of Cain and Able. It’s not going to end with a few missiles being lobbed into their borders. They will kill each other next week, next year, and in the next century. It isn’t America’s problem. In recent years the U.S. has somehow gotten into it’s head that they need to stick their noses into everyone else’s business. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, were isolated countries that did not have a lot of friends. Syria, however, is different. It has close ties with Iran, Russia, and China. The first one hates America, the second one wants to show the world they are still players in the world, and the third one just sits back watches, and waits. Any military action against Syria could easily bring Russian military action, as they defend their ally. Iran could use the diversion to lob a few missiles at Israel, just because they have been dying to do so. China could then opt in to maintain their interests. Before you know it, we have World War three. Things are playing out very similar to they way they did in the summer of 1914. We all know what happened then. Everyone, it seems, except the politicians…..

It’s the Cuban Missle crisis part two, so to speak. Back then, JFK looked at all the possibilities and possible outcomes, finally standing up to the Generals, and realizing what would happen with a military response. Here, we have a President who wants to do something, regardless of the consequences…..

When asked “Who are the rebels? Do you trust them?” U.S. Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel replied, “It’s not my job to trust” (the rebels).


Floor To Ceiling Windows.

I hate floor or ceiling windows. That seems to be the latest trend in condos now. It makes it easier to build, and I mean lazier. So will be a nightmare for the suite owners to heat. In the winter they will be enormous heat sinks. Plus, in a big earthquake, all those windows are going to shatter. Now your home will not have any walls! Great thinking planners! The other down size, you don’t have any fucking walls! You can’t hang anything. No bookcases. So fucking stupid!

He Got Off Too Easy……

Too bad. I wanted him to rot forever in prison.

@FOX5Vegas: Ariel Castro, the accused Cleveland kidnapper, has been found dead in his cell. He was found hanging.

Give Me A “War!”

John Kerry to congress: “The President is not asking you to go to war. The President is not asking you to declare war.”

No, that will be taken care of by others……

“Fail”- Troop

Watching the pilot episode of “F” Troop on me-TV. Ken Berry’s character is asking why revilee is at 10AM, when back east it’s at 7AM.

The Answer is “there is a three hour time difference.”

Trouble is, time zones were not introduced until some 20 years later…..